Honors Tutorial – Steven Nye documentary on airshows

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the transition to all online instruction during the second half of the spring 2020 semester, Honors student Steven Nye successfully completed a compelling short documentary on airshows as part of an Honors tutorial in his Documentary Production course. His work illustrates just how talented our Honors students are.

First Honors Theses

A year ago, the Honors Program at UT was given permission to pilot Honors Theses. Fourteen students were selected to complete an Honors Thesis in this inaugural wave. The first few of those students have nearly completed their theses. The soon to be graduates presented their research to Honors students over lunches this week. TheContinue reading “First Honors Theses”

International Whale Shark Conference in Australia – Katie Serba

Honors student Katie Serba presented her research at the International Whale Shark Conference in Australia during the summer of 2019. Here is a brief description of her experience: “I was actually the only undergraduate at the conference, so I was able to make many new connections with other researchers and professors, as well as shareContinue reading “International Whale Shark Conference in Australia – Katie Serba”