I had the honor of accepting the Honors travel award to apply to my study experience at the University of Oxford this spring. I am so grateful for what this scholarship provided me, as it was the reason that I got to see Europe after the Oxford term was completed.  As soon as my studiesContinue reading “TRAVEL: CATIE VALENTINO”

Study Abroad: Cameron DeMarie in Peru

Traveling to Peru was amazing as my classmates and I got to see all the beauty the country had to offer. We started by touring Lima and visiting all of its best neighborhoods, learning about Peruvian food, customs, and traditions. We then traveled around the dry desert region to see an awe-inspirig oasis and rideContinue reading “Study Abroad: Cameron DeMarie in Peru”


Oxford continues to be an amazing experience every day. A normal day for me involves waking up and going to the beautiful Radcliffe Camera to work on essays for my tutorials, then I will go get lunch with some friends at Christ Church, New College, or Trinity college or somewhere in town like Nando’s orContinue reading “OXFORD ABROAD: LILY CONNOLLY”