Martin Stavro – Oxford Semester Abroad

Greetings from Oxford! It’s crazy to think that we are almost three-fourths done with our studies here. There is so much to say about Oxford. It is a beautiful city steeped in so much history. Oxford is a city that’s easy to admire – mostly in part to the fact that it’s so walkable. NotContinue reading “Martin Stavro – Oxford Semester Abroad”

Lena Malpeli – Oxford Semester Abroad

I am floored with the amount of learning I’ve already accumulated in such a short time at Oxford. OSAP pairs you with incredible professors and I’ve made many friends in and outside the program. I certainly enjoy the independence, the only thing I miss is the warm weather! It’s hard work, but the tutorial system’sContinue reading “Lena Malpeli – Oxford Semester Abroad”


I had the honor of accepting the Honors travel award to apply to my study experience at the University of Oxford this spring. I am so grateful for what this scholarship provided me, as it was the reason that I got to see Europe after the Oxford term was completed.  As soon as my studiesContinue reading “TRAVEL: CATIE VALENTINO”