Ace Points

ACE points are meant to incentivize students to be well-rounded in the areas of Academics, Community Service, and Engagement (ACE). Students must earn 100 ACE points per year in addition to maintaining a 3.5 GPA to remain active in Honors.

Those 100 points involve students attending 4 symposia (10 points each x 4 = 40 points); 2 social events, either on- or off-campus as sponsored by Honors (10 points each x 2 = 20 points); and the 4 other events/opportunities are choose-your-own in any of academic, service, or engagement categories (10 points each x 4 = 40 points). You can earn these extra points any number of ways, from attending more symposia than required, giving a paper at a conference, receiving a research grant, volunteering for service with Honors or PEACE, or engaging in more on- or off-campus Honors events than required.

Students who receive 100 points in any given category are eligible to earn a badge in that category, which is a pin awarded at the Honors graduation ceremony that you can fasten to your Honors medallion.

100 points per year

40 in Academics

20 in Engagement

40 in Choose-Your-Own (Academics, Service, or Engagement)

Hours M-F 8:00 to 4:30 pm
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