Honors Theses

An Honors Thesis is an original, research-based argument that is, at minimum, the length of a publishable article or book. Creative theses are also welcome.

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Thesis Guidelines

Thesis guidelines can be found here.

Sample theses can be found at the UT Institutional Repository.

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Thesis Forms

Step 1: Propose Your Project

Thesis Submittable Application

Due Dates to Apply: 

Fall — First Monday of November 

Spring — Second Monday of April

Step 2: Confirm Your Thesis Committee

Thesis Committee Form

Step 3: Complete 6 to 10 Thesis Credits via your major or through HON 490

Independent Study Form (listing your thesis director as your instructor), then Tutorial form to tell us you want it to count as one of your Honors credits.

Step 4: Give the Library Permission to Save Your Thesis & Ask Your Director to Confirm Thesis Completion

Your Thesis Director must upload the Institutional Repository Permission Form and the Thesis Completion Form to Submittable, signaling that your project is complete.

Past Honors Theses

Take a look at what some of our students have accomplished!

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