Oxford – Sofia Cuello

Hello from Oxford! Though far from the sunshine state with its beaches and warm weather, there’s nothing like walking through Oxford on a cool autumn day. I’ve been here for only a few weeks and every moment has been something special, whether it’s my tutorials, where I get to work with experts in the subject,Continue reading “Oxford – Sofia Cuello”

Coffee Conversation – Dr. Smith-Frigerio on Mental Health Communiation

Dr. Sarah Smith-Frigerio, Assistant Professor of Communication, led a Coffee Conversation with about 20 Honors students. The topic of the conversation was how mental health is portrayed and explored in media. She shared with the students in advance her article, “You Are Not Alone”: Linking Peer Support to Information and Resources for Mental Health ConcernsContinue reading “Coffee Conversation – Dr. Smith-Frigerio on Mental Health Communiation”