FCHC – Lauren Marolf and Kelsey Little

Two Honors students, Lauren Marolf and Kelsey Little, presented their research in Altamonte Springs this past weekend at the Florida Collegiate Honors Council conference. Lauren’s research focuses on cybersecurity and satellites while Kelsey’s research examines how effective a novel gamification pedagogy is in the classroom.

Southern Regional Honors Conference

Rachel Lane, Caitlin Cifaldi, and Megan Darling went to Birmingham, Alabama to present their research at the Southern Regional Honors Conference. Rachel Lane’s topic was “A Rehabilitative Approach to Correctional Institutions Using Evidence-Based Practices.” Megan Darling presented on “Pleasing the Male Audience: Erasing Female Agency in Works Inspired by Richardson’s Pamela.” And Caitlin Cifaldi’s paperContinue reading “Southern Regional Honors Conference”

Honors Students win awards at Florida Communication Association annual conference

Several UT Honors students won awards at this year’s 90th Annual Florida Communication Association Conference. Tamar Shimon won the Best Undergraduate Paper Award: Lauren Steed won the Poster Award for Best Research Question/Topic with her teammates who were unable to attend, but contributed to the project Tiffany Maziarz (Honors alum) and Thomas McMullen (also anContinue reading “Honors Students win awards at Florida Communication Association annual conference”