Honors Symposia – Jennifer Burton

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Dr. Jennifer Burton presented to Honors students and others on September 25th. Dr. Burton’s research explores how viewers respond to advertisements. In particular, she has developed novel techniques to explore how viewers are thinking about advertising from one second to the next, which can be very helpful for companies as they develop their marketing materials.

Honors Symposium – Honors Research Fellows – Noah Oakley, Kelly Fryar, and Laura Hearst

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On Tuesday, April 24th, three Honors students presented the results of their Honors Fellowships for the 2017-2018 academic year. Noah Oakley presented his findings on the different aspects of undergraduate general education requirements under the tutelage of Dr. Dan Dooghan from UT’s Department of English and Writing. Kelly Fryar discussed her research on the prevalence of anti-biotic resistance bacteria in the Hillsborough River under the guidance of Dr. Bridgette Froeschke from UT’s Department of Biology. Laura Hearst presented the results of her research into the eyes of scorpions under the direction of Dr. Abraham Miller from UT’s Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance.

Honors Symposium – Honors Research Fellows – Gaston Merideth, Adeline Davis, Tanner Scott, and Victoria Sunseri

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On Monday, April 23rd, four Honors students presented the results of their Honors Research Fellowships. Gaston Merideth discussed his research on mass spectrometry under the guidance of Dr. Kenyon Evans-Nguyen from UT’s Department of Chemistry. Adeline Davis discussed her research into gender, make-up, and literature under the guidance of Dr. Kathleen Ochshorn from UT’s Department of English and Writing. Tanner Scott presented his research on race, health, and body image mentored by Dr. Brittany Harder of UT’s Sociology Department. And Victoria Sunseri discussed her project on improving UT’s students’ mental health under the guidance of Dr. Mary Martinasek from UT’s Department of Health and Human Performance.

Honors Courses – Honors Tutorials

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Dr. Jen Wortham in UT’s Department of Health Science and Human Performance recently oversaw a tutorial in her HSC 231 course with Julia Sengbusch. To help other students become familiar with tutorials and with inquiry projects in general, Dr. Wortham highlighted Julia’s tutorial on a bulletin board outside her office on the 2nd floor of the Health Science and Human Performance building.

Conferences – Kamakshi Dadhwal

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The SEPA 2018 annual conference was the first time I showcased my original research on a poster. There is a common understanding in the academic world that poster presentations are the most casual and easy part of any conference. This understanding did not stop me from being excited or anxious as I drove to Charleston. My poster was scheduled to be in the third and last poster session, which means I had plenty of time to not only fret over my knowledge of my own research but also attend the other poster sessions to get an idea of what was coming my way.

It took me all of five minutes, after I entered the first session, to realise that I was in the soup. Here was a room packed with people from various sub-fields of psychology, with different interests, and belonging to a wide variety of backgrounds. While it was overwhelming to be amidst the products of so many research initiatives, my anxiety transformed with each poster into an appreciation of the opportunity that I received through the support of the Honors Program at UT.

I learned a tremendous amount about the current research avenues of Psychology from just being in the presence of scholars and fellow college students who presented their research or led a discussion group at the conference. Moreover, I was able to visit some of the interesting historic and natural sites that Charleston has to offer. The Honors Program encouraged my endeavour to develop my own research and helped me achieve my goal to present at a conference, for which I am incredibly grateful.

Making News – Jason Behnke


Jason Behnke with Dr. Jen Wortham

Honors Program student Jason Behnke, who recently presented his research on aspects of the UT experience that contribute to student satisfaction at the Florida Collegiate Honors Council conference, has been featured on the UT website. The article discusses the research he conducted with Dr. Jen Wortham.


Conferences – Laura Hearst & Dr. Abraham Miller

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Working with Dr. Abraham Miller, Honors student Laura Hearst recently combined a trip to California to attend the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference with a visit to the California Academy of Sciences to examine some scorpion specimens. The pictures above show Laura and Dr. Miller examining the scorpions. The research is part of her Honors Undergraduate Research Fellowship.