Coffee Conversation – Dr. Smith-Frigerio on Mental Health Communiation

Dr. Sarah Smith-Frigerio, Assistant Professor of Communication, led a Coffee Conversation with about 20 Honors students. The topic of the conversation was how mental health is portrayed and explored in media. She shared with the students in advance her article, “You Are Not Alone”: Linking Peer Support to Information and Resources for Mental Health ConcernsContinue reading “Coffee Conversation – Dr. Smith-Frigerio on Mental Health Communiation”

SRHC – Kelsey Little presentation

UT Honors student Kelsey Little traveled to Charlotte, NC to present her research titled, “Do you hear the students sing?: The Impacts and Influences of Collegiate Activists in the Women’s Rights Movement of the 1960s and 70s America.” We spent three days at the conference, attending sessions, exploring the city, and exploring new ways toContinue reading “SRHC – Kelsey Little presentation”

Ann Williams – Shark Bites versus Bacteria

Dr. Ann Williams, Professor of Biology at UT, recently presented to the Honors students on her research into the bacteria found in shark mouths. She and a number of students swabbed the mouths of sharks and took water samples where they caught the sharks (then released the sharks). They then cultured the samples and foundContinue reading “Ann Williams – Shark Bites versus Bacteria”