Honors Thesis: Losing Grip Documentary

One of our Honors Thesis students, Steven Nye, created a documentary for his thesis, overseen by Dr. Christopher Boulton, and you can screen it May 3rd at 2pm in the Charlene A Gordon Theater. It’s a documentary on the fate of Men’s Collegiate Gymnastics through the eyes of U.S. Olympic Team Gymnast Shane Wiskus. SeeContinue reading “Honors Thesis: Losing Grip Documentary”

Honors Thesis: Hannah Lammon

I first started my honors thesis journey during freshman year when I initially was introduced to research outside of my high school science classes. Throughout my life, I have always found that I have been a naturally curious person and I initially approached my first-year accounting professor, Rachel Gambol, about the possibility of conducting research.Continue reading “Honors Thesis: Hannah Lammon”

Honors Thesis – Beck Lazansky, Thomas Krumpter, Noah McNair, Flavia Mandatori

Four graduating Honors students recently presented their Honors Theses as an Honors symposium. Beck Lazansky talked about her memoir project. Thomas Krumpter used his Honors thesis to analyze job postings for Systems Analysts and contrasted the stated requirements with the current curricular expectations of training programs. Noah McNair was involved in a Behind The ScenesContinue reading “Honors Thesis – Beck Lazansky, Thomas Krumpter, Noah McNair, Flavia Mandatori”