Oxford Study Abroad Program

Application Deadline & Forms

Deadline: Applications for attending Oxford during the Spring Term are due no later than October 14 of the previous year. Applications for attending Oxford during the Fall Term are due no later than the Friday before Spring Break of the Spring Term proceeding the Fall Term. Applications are due at 5:00 pm.

Application Form: https://honorsprogram.submittable.com/submit/62407/oxford-study-abroad

About OSAP: https://www.osapabroad.com/

About Tutorials:

What is a tutorial?

Where is the list of suggested tutorials? See below:

About the Interviews:

To be selected for Oxford, students fill out the Submittable application form, and then everyone who applies is interviewed by the Honors Committee. This committee is made of faculty and staff from all departments across all colleges. The interviews take place about 1 to 2 weeks after the application due date and last about 15 minutes. Interviews are arranged by our office administrator, Carla Sykes (csykes@ut.edu), who will contact you after the deadline has passed to arrange a day and time.

Although interview questions are subject to change, sample questions can be found here:

What to Expect After Admission:

Upon being accepted, students will be contacted by Carla Sykes (csykes@ut.edu), who will send the OSAP registration and housing request forms in an email.

Students will then work through the International Programs Office (IPO) to fill out any necessary travel and credit paperwork. One form is the course approval form. Another is the transient credit form to make this credit request official with the University. Students will then need to meet with the chair of the department that aligns with their tutorials (for example, the history chair if taking a history tutorial), and the chair will assist the student to determine how the credits will apply to your transcript. Credits on this form must reflect a minimum of 14 credits. Students will then complete paperwork affiliated with international travel, which may include the following:

Students are not responsible for International Academic Program Fee or the Study Abroad Program Fee. Students may be required to complete a physical examination with their doctor.

Students pay their usual UT tuition, minus housing and meal plan. Housing in Oxford is free, unless a student chooses to live in a more expensive house, in which case, other fees may apply. Movement around Oxford is often affordable because classes and housing are all within a 1- to 2-mile range. Many walk. Bikes are available to rent. Uber is available at a flat rate.

Students book their own flight to Oxford. The average cost to travel to Oxford is about $1600 (flight to London + train ticket). Students can apply to offset travel funding via this Honors Student Travel Application.

OSAP will contact admitted students about tutorials and will pair students with their assigned Dons (their Oxford professors). Some tutors choose to contact their students in advance (i.e. before the term starts), while others choose to wait for you to make contact with them after you arrive in Oxford, once OSAP givse you your confirmed tutors’ details. Tutorials involve 1 major tutorial, 9 credits, and 1 minor tutorial, 5 credits. Please consult this guide re: FAQs about tutorials.

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