Honors Curriculum

The Honors Curriculum is unique and designed to encourage interdisciplinary and divergent thinking.


  • HON 100


  • HON 253 Natural Science
  • HON 255 Humanities
  • HON 257 Social Science


  • HON 220 Where have we been?
  • HON 230 Where are we now? 
  • HON 240 Where are we going?


HON 490 Thesis  (6 credits)


Idea Labs are courses in thought experiments that seek to solve a problem in Tampa Bay and/or the world. Students take one Idea Lab in the Humanities, one in the Social Sciences, and one in the Natural Sciences. Students can transfer in (via college credit or AP tests with a 5) up to two Idea Labs. (See here for AP course equivalencies).

Dialectics are team-taught courses that examine interdisciplinary issues in the past, present, and future. They’re each taught by 3 professors, simultaneously, with each professor representing the College of Arts and Letters; the College of Natural and Health Sciences; and the College of Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Education. Some social science courses are also taught by faculty in the College of Business. These courses are the only ones of their kind at the University of Tampa.

An Honors Thesis is an original research project appropriate to the student’s field of study. Theses can be traditional research papers; plays; poems; books; business proposals; experiments; or anything a student wants to explore. A thesis is completed by taking a minimum of 6 Thesis credits, and these credits can be thesis courses in your major (if they exist) or HON 490 (the Honors Thesis independent study designation). You can break up thesis credits however you like. Some students take 1 credit at a time, spaced out, while others take 3 thesis credits per semester; these are distributed at the student’s discretion. More about the thesis can be found here.

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