Oxford Semester Abroad – Marcella Benner

Oxford has been an incredible experience so far! The city is full of amazing architecture and history that dates back hundreds of years, providing an amazing atmosphere to learn and live in. While the tutorials are intense, they are also flexible. I really have the opportunity to explore my major in unique ways and diveContinue reading “Oxford Semester Abroad – Marcella Benner”

International Travel – Ana Mejia in Spain

Since my time abroad is coming to an end I thought I’d share more pictures. Being abroad has been an amazing experience and I am grateful to the honors program for being part of making it a reality. I took classes at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona’s study abroad campus, which is called Casa ConvalescenciaContinue reading “International Travel – Ana Mejia in Spain”

International Travel – Samantha Stewart

  Honors student Samantha Stewart received an International Travel Award through the Honors Program to help fund her travel study course to Australia. She has just returned and shared some photos from her trip with us. As the photos illustrate, Samantha had a great time and learned a lot. Here is what she said ofContinue reading “International Travel – Samantha Stewart”