I had the honor of accepting the Honors travel award to apply to my study experience at the University of Oxford this spring. I am so grateful for what this scholarship provided me, as it was the reason that I got to see Europe after the Oxford term was completed.  As soon as my studiesContinue reading “TRAVEL: CATIE VALENTINO”

Oxford Abroad Symposium

Our latest symposium featured 3 of our Honors students — Hannah Lammon, Jana de Kock, and Marcella Benner — who traveled abroad to Oxford to participate in the Oxford Study Abroad Program for a semester. The students covered everything from tutorials, interview strategies, application advice, Oxford athletics, to social/travel opportunities. Those who attend Oxford satisfyContinue reading “Oxford Abroad Symposium”

Oxford Semester Abroad – Maya Patel

The University of Oxford is truly a magical and harmonious place. Centuries of history precede you as you walk on cobblestone by the ornate libraries, yet there are modern cafes and shops all around you. All of the University customs are steeped in tradition, including formal hall, which has been a surreal dining experience. EveryoneContinue reading “Oxford Semester Abroad – Maya Patel”