Martin Stavro – Oxford Semester Abroad

Greetings from Oxford! It’s crazy to think that we are almost three-fourths done with our studies here. There is so much to say about Oxford. It is a beautiful city steeped in so much history. Oxford is a city that’s easy to admire – mostly in part to the fact that it’s so walkable. NotContinue reading “Martin Stavro – Oxford Semester Abroad”

Lena Malpeli – Oxford Semester Abroad

I am floored with the amount of learning I’ve already accumulated in such a short time at Oxford. OSAP pairs you with incredible professors and I’ve made many friends in and outside the program. I certainly enjoy the independence, the only thing I miss is the warm weather! It’s hard work, but the tutorial system’sContinue reading “Lena Malpeli – Oxford Semester Abroad”

Oxford Semester Abroad – Philip Ferdinand, Megan Darling, and Libby Welman

The three Honors students who spent the fall 2022 semester at Oxford as part of the Oxford Semester Abroad Programme recently described their experiences to a large group of Honors students. The students described the tutorials they took, how they worked, and what it was like working one-on-one with an Oxford tutor. They also notedContinue reading “Oxford Semester Abroad – Philip Ferdinand, Megan Darling, and Libby Welman”