Honors Symposium – Oxford Semester Abroad

The six students who attended Oxford University with Oxford Semester Abroad in spring 2022 presented to the Honors students on Friday, September 16th. The students who presented were: Michelle Joos, Lauren Marolf, Alex Piontek, Hope Pohlman, Catie Valentino, and Tori Walters. The students described the application process, what housing is like, what the tutorials areContinue reading “Honors Symposium – Oxford Semester Abroad”

Honors Thesis: Hannah Lammon

I first started my honors thesis journey during freshman year when I initially was introduced to research outside of my high school science classes. Throughout my life, I have always found that I have been a naturally curious person and I initially approached my first-year accounting professor, Rachel Gambol, about the possibility of conducting research.Continue reading “Honors Thesis: Hannah Lammon”

Oxford Abroad: Lauren Marolf

Oxford has been everything I dreamed it would be and more. The weeks have flown by so the best advice I can give to students attending Oxford in the future is don’t hold back! Try to experience something new every day. Between the museums, parks, libraries, cafes and college events, there is so much toContinue reading “Oxford Abroad: Lauren Marolf”