Oxford Semester Abroad – Marcella Benner

The Radcliffe Camera (Rad Cam for short!) on a typical overcast day in England. This is where you’ll find me studying away most mornings!

Oxford has been an incredible experience so far! The city is full of amazing architecture and history that dates back hundreds of years, providing an amazing atmosphere to learn and live in. While the tutorials are intense, they are also flexible. I really have the opportunity to explore my major in unique ways and dive into the topics that I find most interesting.

About to enjoy lunch in the 16th century Christ Church dining hall, made famous by the Harry Potter films!

Getting involved in clubs here has allowed me to meet a new and diverse group of people while also providing a nice break from my studies. As a Cybersecurity major, I was able to join the Computer Science club and listen to a talk on the programming of the Apollo 11 as well as learn about how the British cracked the famous Enigma code during WWII which happened just 30 miles away at Bletchley Park! To blow off steam after a long day of studying, I joined the Basketball Club and have made a lot of new friends from all over the world while having a blast playing games throughout England.

Me repping the Oxford Blues as #23.

Oxford also makes a great launching point for going off to discover other areas in the UK and beyond. From Salisbury and its famous Stonehenge site all the way to Switzerland for an extended weekend, there are tons of beautiful places to explore that are only a quick flight or train ride away. This weekend we’re heading off to Windsor Castle, so until then I’d better get to work on my paper!

In Lucerne and enjoying some lovely views of the Swiss Alp.
Me exploring Stonhenge and (below) making friends with some of the locals!

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