I had the honor of accepting the Honors travel award to apply to my study experience at the University of Oxford this spring. I am so grateful for what this scholarship provided me, as it was the reason that I got to see Europe after the Oxford term was completed. 

As soon as my studies were wrapped up, I packed a backpack and traveled the continent for a full month. I got to experience Paris and Nice first, then Venice, Florence, Rome, and Pompeii (with my partner-in-crime Tori Walters), Prague, and Berlin and Dresden where I got to visit distant family that I haven’t seen since I was a young girl. To top it all off, my other partner-in-crime Lauren Marolf and I visited Dublin, Galway, and Edinburgh before starting our journey back to the states.

It was an adventure that I never imagined coming true, and yet it did. I cannot express my gratitude to the Honors Program enough!

Catie Valentino

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