Oxford Abroad Symposium

Lena Malpeli and Rian Benoit kicked off the first symposium of the fall. They discussed their experiences, travel, tutorials, and highlights of the city. Not only did students discuss what they studied, but they also shared information about socials, formals, and sports. Rian is studying accounting and Lena, English.

Ann Williams – Shark Bites versus Bacteria

Dr. Ann Williams, Professor of Biology at UT, recently presented to the Honors students on her research into the bacteria found in shark mouths. She and a number of students swabbed the mouths of sharks and took water samples where they caught the sharks (then released the sharks). They then cultured the samples and foundContinue reading “Ann Williams – Shark Bites versus Bacteria”

Zoe Golden and Sam Johnson – Honors Symposium – Honors Theses

Two Honors students, Zoe Golden and Sam Johnson, presented their Honors Theses to a group of Honors students. Zoe is working with Dr. Bridgette Froeschke in the Environmental Studies Department and is studying the stomach contents of various species of fish in the Tampa Bay area. Sam is working with Dr. Dan Huber, also ofContinue reading “Zoe Golden and Sam Johnson – Honors Symposium – Honors Theses”