Study Abroad: Cameron DeMarie in Peru

Traveling to Peru was amazing as my classmates and I got to see all the beauty the country had to offer. We started by touring Lima and visiting all of its best neighborhoods, learning about Peruvian food, customs, and traditions. We then traveled around the dry desert region to see an awe-inspirig oasis and rideContinue reading “Study Abroad: Cameron DeMarie in Peru”

Oxford Abroad Symposium

Our latest symposium featured 3 of our Honors students — Hannah Lammon, Jana de Kock, and Marcella Benner — who traveled abroad to Oxford to participate in the Oxford Study Abroad Program for a semester. The students covered everything from tutorials, interview strategies, application advice, Oxford athletics, to social/travel opportunities. Those who attend Oxford satisfyContinue reading “Oxford Abroad Symposium”

Partners in the Parks – John Callahan

John Callahan recently traveled to Costa Rica for Partners in the Park, which is an outdoor learning experience supported by the National Collegiate Honors Council. PITP projects at national parks across the country offer unique opportunities for collegiate honors students and faculty to visit areas of the American landscape noted for their beauty, significance andContinue reading “Partners in the Parks – John Callahan”