Guidance – Applying to Continue in Honors

Below are some answers to common questions we have received about applying to continue in Honors: Question: What happens if a student signs up for an Honors course and then is removed from Honors? Answer: This question has been raised by several first-year students who have asked what will happen if they sign up forContinue reading “Guidance – Applying to Continue in Honors”

Guidance – The Washington Center

The Washington Center (TWC) is an educational organization in Washington DC that provides internships, training, and courses for college students. Students from across the country intern in DC through The Washington Center. At UT, this opportunity is available only to Honors students in good standing, ideally Honors students who are entering the second semester of theirContinue reading “Guidance – The Washington Center”

Guidance – Honors Conferences

The Honors Program at UT is a member of three Honors Councils. At the national level, there is the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). At the regional level, there is the Southern Regional Honors Council (SRHC). And at the state level, there is the Florida Collegiate Honors Council (FCHC). Each of these Honors Councils holds annual conferences (typicallyContinue reading “Guidance – Honors Conferences”