Policy for Changing Sections of HON 102

The way the Honors Program has structured the two semester first-year course sequence called Pathways to Honors (HON 101 and HON 102) is such that continuity between the two semesters is important. Most if not all faculty teaching Pathways to Honors introduce students to the Honors Program but also introduce them to the research processContinue reading “Policy for Changing Sections of HON 102”

Guidance: Appealing Dismissal from the Honors Program

One of the requirements for remaining in the Honors Program is that students must maintain a 3.5 GPA. If a student in the Honors Program has their overall GPA drop below 3.5 for one semester, they will be put on probation. If their overall GPA remains below 3.5 for a second semester, they will typicallyContinue reading “Guidance: Appealing Dismissal from the Honors Program”

Guidance – Applying to Continue in Honors

Below are some answers to common questions we have received about applying to continue in Honors: Question: What happens if a student signs up for an Honors course and then is removed from Honors? Answer: This question has been raised by several first-year students who have asked what will happen if they sign up forContinue reading “Guidance – Applying to Continue in Honors”