The Washington Center – Marley Gleason

Hi everyone! My name is Marley Gleason and I am a senior at UT this year. I am spending the fall 2019 semester in Washington, DC while I intern at the Capitol Riverfront BID through The Washington Center. This program connected me with a full-time, semester long internship so that I can gain a new experienceContinue reading “The Washington Center – Marley Gleason”

The Washington Center – Mariane Ntagungira

I’ve been in Washington DC a little over a month now, and it has already been the most incredible experience. I am currently spending the semester at The Washington Center, which includes an internship from Monday to Thursday, an evening course once a week and a career readiness seminar on Fridays (that we call LEAD).Continue reading “The Washington Center – Mariane Ntagungira”

The Washington Center – Sara Lattman

During my time in Washington D.C., I interned at a small public relations firm called Epic PR Group. I worked closely with the CEO and Founder and formed a great connection with her, as well as made other network connections in the PR industry. Throughout the summer I worked on media pitches for the CEOContinue reading “The Washington Center – Sara Lattman”