The Washington Center – Troy Schneider

Troy Schneider at the US Capitol

My time here at The Washington Center, arranged and funded with the help of UT’s Honors Program, has been incredible so far. I am working at a lobbying firm in Alexandria, Virginia right outside of D.C. At the firm, I am a research assistant. I compile research for whatever project my boss needs me to and then write up briefs and packets to inform my boss of what he needs to know to present it to his clients. Some of the clients my research has been sent to include the Electronic Security Association, which is the largest home and business security trade association in the country, the top weather companies in the country, including the National Weather Service and NOAA, and the National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP), which deals with government surplus property issues. It has been awesome knowing that the work I have been doing these past few weeks is actually being received by the top people in these companies for lobbying purposes. I have learned so much from my supervisor and have even been given the chance to go to Capitol Hill (see photo above) to help in the lobbying process of Representatives and Senators as well as to attend congressional hearings. Being in Washington, D.C. this summer has been one of the best experiences of my life.

The Washington Center – Michael Harder

Michael Harder at The Washington Center

Michael Harder (Political Science, Class of 2017) sent the following update on his internship at The Washington Center in Spring 2017:

The Washington Center program comprises an internship, an academic seminar, and a LEAD colloquium, all in the heart of Washington, D.C. The program has been both intellectually demanding and remarkably rewarding.¬†My internship as an analyst with Izar Capital Group, a merchant bank located one block north of the White House, has called upon the financial and political knowledge obtained inside UT classrooms. I am also enrolled in an academic seminar titled “The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship” in which I am creating a business with other young professionals from around the world. In addition, The Washington Center has provided a large and diverse group of guest speakers and workshops in order to maximize the networking effect so prevalent in Washington, D.C.¬†Ultimately, The Washington Center has established a bridge between academic knowledge and real-world application of such knowledge.