Policy for Changing Sections of HON 102

The way the Honors Program has structured the two semester first-year course sequence called Pathways to Honors (HON 101 and HON 102) is such that continuity between the two semesters is important. Most if not all faculty teaching Pathways to Honors introduce students to the Honors Program but also introduce them to the research processContinue reading “Policy for Changing Sections of HON 102”


Honors rolled out a new requirement for incoming students (only) this year: Honors ACE points. ACE stands for Academics, Community Service, and Engagement. Students are required to get 100 points per year to remain active in the honors program. They need 40 in Academics — which they achieve by attending the 4 required symposia perContinue reading “ADVICE: ACE POINTS”

Guidance: Proposing a Symposium

Have you ever thought to yourself: I wish we had more symposia about [fill in the blank]. Well, why don’t you consider proposing a speaker, yourself? If you have a speaker you’d like to present for a symposium, these are the steps: Determine if they have credentials. Are they well-published in their field? Are theyContinue reading “Guidance: Proposing a Symposium”