Symposium – Kelsey Little

Kelsey Little, recipient of the Timothy M. Smith Award, spoke about her myriad experiences exploring the beauty of Alaska’s landscapes, whose stories she chose to tell through a number of paintings she completed. Kelsey shared that the award gave her the opportunity to reconnect with her older brother who has lived in Alaska for aContinue reading “Symposium – Kelsey Little”

Lunch & Learn – Oxford and Timothy M. Smith Award Winners

Three recent participants in the Oxford Semester Abroad Programme – Danielle Gresia, Marcella Benner, and Lily Connolly – combined with the winner of the Timothy M. Smith Inspiration Through Exploration recipient, Emma Stange, to talk about their experiences. Roughly 30 Honors students were able to listen to the presentations while enjoying lunch. Each of theContinue reading “Lunch & Learn – Oxford and Timothy M. Smith Award Winners”

Timothy M. Smith Award Recipient: Noah K. Oakley

Timothy M. Smith lived his life yearning for the next horizon, always visiting new places and experiencing new cultures. His namesake award allows UT students to do just that: visit any place of their heart’s desire and research their passions. Noah Oakley was one such recipient and used his grant to travel to Lisbon, Portugal.Continue reading “Timothy M. Smith Award Recipient: Noah K. Oakley”