Honors Activities – Welcome Social

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The Honors Program @ UT started off the academic year with a social to welcome the new Honors students. With catering from Fresh Kitchen, live music, and games, close to 350 new and returning students showed up at McKay Hall on Thursday, August 23rd to enjoy good food and to get to know other Honors students.

Honors Activities – End of Year Social

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To wrap up the year and give Honors students a break as they studied during finals, the Honors Council organized a final social in McKay Hall’s common room on April 29th. They ordered food from Fresh Kitchen, had games for people to play, and a DJ. Over 200 students showed up.

Honors Activities – Leadership Challenge Course in HON 102

Dr. Jen Wortham had her HON 102 students participate in the Leadership Challenge Course. The Leadership Challenge Course provides students with opportunities to work together to try to overcome challenging obstacles. Dr. Wortham includes some snapshots of what the students learned using the GroupMe app. Some of the comments from students:

I learned that groups work better when we can communicate well. – Laura Montgomery


I learned to always listen to others’ ideas and try them even if you don’t think it will work. – Maddy Lucas


I learned that you need to look at things from multiple perspectives to solve problems. – Lauren Koelln


It’s easier to balance everything by working together. – Emily Brooks


It’s important not to give up when a plan isn’t working but to be creative in finding a better solution. – Caroline Vocatura


Sometimes you have to step back and make a game plan before attempting to solve a problem. – Allyson Hicks


It’s not always necessary to have a designated leader in a group. – Madeleine Matolak

Honors Activities – Minaret Climb

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Dr. Jen Wortham’s HON 102 (Pathways to Honors) students recently climbed one of the iconic minaret’s in UT’s Plant Hall. Above are some of the pictures. Dr. Wortham is a UT alumnus and didn’t have this opportunity when she was a student here. She noted that her Pathways mentor was able to arrange it, the students loved the opportunity, and she thought it was a great bonding experience for her class.

Honors Activities – Cypress Point Park trash pickup

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About a dozen UT Honors students spent two hours on Saturday, November 4th, picking up trash at Cypress Point Park. The UT Honors Council adopted Cypress Point Park through Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful. We clean up the park and beach four times a year.

Honors Activities – Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office

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Thanks to a connection of UT Professor Shelly Crosby, several UT Honors students along with some of the Honors Program office staff got to visit the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office. We learned quite a bit about what the office does, from how many bodies they process in the course of a day (between 5 and 10) to the variety of drugs that are screened by the toxicologists. We even got to witness part of an autopsy. It was an extremely informative visit.