Symposium – Daniel Wollenberg – Medieval Radicalism

UT English/Writing Professor, Daniel Wollenberg, recently presented, “Medieval Radicalism: Social Justice and Reform in the European Middle Ages,” to Honors students. Dr. Wollenberg argued that there were radical social reformers throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and much of the radicalism was driven by the growing centralization of power in the hands of the CatholicContinue reading “Symposium – Daniel Wollenberg – Medieval Radicalism”

Activities – 4-Square Tournament

UT’s Honors Executive Council put together another physically-distanced activity: a 4-Square Tournament. We reserved the Cass Gym for the evening, taped out officially sized squares, bought a few balls, and went at it. We had enough players to set up two sets of squares and eventually had a competitive tournament. Cole Jorgensen eventually won theContinue reading “Activities – 4-Square Tournament”