Oxford Semester Abroad – Tori Suslovitch

In Fall of 2015, I participated in UT’s Oxford Semester Abroad programme. This opportunity provided me the chance to study global perspectives of agriculture. My primary tutorial focused on the anthropological and environmental aspects of agricultural systems, while my secondary tutorial elucidated the relationship between food and public health. My experience supplemented my biology degreeContinue reading “Oxford Semester Abroad – Tori Suslovitch”

American Sociological Association Conference – Nicole Lampe

My participation at the ASA meeting was the best experience that I have had in my academic career and personal life so far.  There were numerous opportunities for professional networking.  While I was there I connected with graduate students and faculty in graduate programs.  I met with colleagues who expressed a strong interest in workingContinue reading “American Sociological Association Conference – Nicole Lampe”

Honors Conferences – Breeann Roberts

In 2015, I had the honor of presenting at the Florida and Regional Honors Conferences.  I chose to present on a research paper I wrote for my Far East Art History class on the Ecological Accuracy of a Muromachi period Zen painting.  During the conference, I was able to share my findings with an engagingContinue reading “Honors Conferences – Breeann Roberts”