Top Golf – Honors Excursion

The off-campus excursion subcommittee of the Honors Executive Council organized a trip to Top Golf for about 15 Honors students. We had two bays side-by-side and played a couple of rounds of various games. We had a lot of different skill levels involved, from a member of UT’s golf team to people who had neverContinue reading “Top Golf – Honors Excursion”

Ice Cream at Armature Works

Adhering to the UT Spartan Shield and CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic has meant the Honors Executive Council has had to become particularly creative when thinking of ideas for activities and excursions for Honors students. One that worked was to walk from UT’s campus along the Tampa Riverwalk to Armature Works where we gotContinue reading “Ice Cream at Armature Works”

Excursion – Trawling in BIOS II

Dr. Kevin Beach from UT’s department of Biology recently took a group of Honors students trawling on the Biology Department’s BIOS II boat. The students spent several hours towing nets in Tampa Bay to learn more about both the process of marine science research and then learning about the different organisms they caught.