Coffee Conversation – Do Black Lives Matter on Madison Avenue?

Dr. Chris Boulton, UT Professor of Communication, guided a discussion today about race and racial inequality in major advertising campaigns with a small group of Honors students (~20). Dr. Boulton introduced the topic by noting that three of the most popular SuperBowl ads in 2021 featured almost entirely Black cast members but were produced byContinue reading “Coffee Conversation – Do Black Lives Matter on Madison Avenue?”

Coffee Conversation- Alisha Menzies

Dr. Alisha Menzies, assistant professor in Communication, championed a fascinating discussion on the burden of moral culpability faced by the famous few. She asked: “Should we hold what celebrities and public figures say to a higher moral standard? Are their communication mistakes worth more?”  The conversation spanned a great distance, first attempting to define whichContinue reading “Coffee Conversation- Alisha Menzies”

Honors Symposia – Coffee Conversation with Dr. Laura Kane

On Monday, February 5th, Philosophy professor Dr. Laura Kane led a Coffee Conversation in the McKay Hall common room. The topic of the conversation was, “How does social media use affect the way our relationships are formed or maintained?” Twenty Honors students discussed this topic with Dr. Kane for about an hour, exploring the dynamicsContinue reading “Honors Symposia – Coffee Conversation with Dr. Laura Kane”