Study Abroad: Cameron DeMarie in Peru

Traveling to Peru was amazing as my classmates and I got to see all the beauty the country had to offer. We started by touring Lima and visiting all of its best neighborhoods, learning about Peruvian food, customs, and traditions. We then traveled around the dry desert region to see an awe-inspirig oasis and ride dune buggies in the sand. After that, we traveled to Nazca to view the famous Nazca lines from small propellor planes and later drove to a vineyard to see fresh grapes being grown in Peru’s unique climate. Finally, we went to Cusco to see the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and learn about the amazing elevated city and its local culture. All in all, I learned so much about the Peruvian economy and culture during the trip and made lifelong friends in the process. I am thankful to the honors program for helping me to fund this trip and for allowing me to share pictures and my experience.

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