Symposium – Jennifer Blessing – Women in STEM

Dr. Jennifer Blessing, a faculty member in UT’s department of psychology, presented to the Honors students on her research studying women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). As a developmental psychologist, her focus is on younger children. She is particularly interested in the messages young women receive about STEM and how they perceive STEM.Continue reading “Symposium – Jennifer Blessing – Women in STEM”


Dr. Kristian Taylor, a Professor of Instruction in Biology at UT whose research focuses on marine invertebrates, led the latest coffee conversation on the pros and cons of ecotourism. Students discussed the efficacy of environmental activism, whether it’s conducted through ecotourism, raising awareness on social media, or via monetary donations. Coffee conversations are relaxed, inclusiveContinue reading “COFFEE CONVERSATION: PROS & CONS OF ECOTOURISM”

Oxford – Nicole Rothmeyer

Things are going great over here in Oxford. The tutorials I am taking are Community Ecology and Marine Vertebrate Zoology and I love both of them. With my Community Ecology tutorial, my tutor is having me do research to study the distribution of two butterflies that are native to the UK. We are using mathematicalContinue reading “Oxford – Nicole Rothmeyer”