First Honors Theses

A year ago, the Honors Program at UT was given permission to pilot Honors Theses. Fourteen students were selected to complete an Honors Thesis in this inaugural wave. The first few of those students have nearly completed their theses. The soon to be graduates presented their research to Honors students over lunches this week. TheContinue reading “First Honors Theses”

Honors Symposium – Terry Parssinen

Dr. Terry Parssinen of UT’s Department of History presented to Honors students on the history of the cigarette. As he detailed, cigarettes were originally seen as a cheaper alternative to other forms of tobacco consumption (e.g., pipes, cigars, etc.). Over time, primarily through marketing and demand creation by large corporations, cigarettes became the most popularContinue reading “Honors Symposium – Terry Parssinen”

Honors Symposium – Bridgette Froeschke – MRSA and staphylococcus in Tampa Bay

UT Biology professor, Bridgette Froeschke, aided by some of the students in her lab, presented on her ongoing work examining the pervasiveness of staphylococcus and MRSA in the Tampa Bay area (not just the bay but also in the Hillsborough River). She found that it MRSA – the antibiotic resistant strain of staphylococcus – isContinue reading “Honors Symposium – Bridgette Froeschke – MRSA and staphylococcus in Tampa Bay”