Public Policy and Covid-19 Symposium

On November 4, 2021, Dr. Aaron D. Wood gave his symposium, “COVID-19 and Agent-Based Modeling: Using Computational Simulation to Examine the Impact of Public Policy and Viral Evolution on Transmission Outcomes in Heterogeneous Populations.” Dr. Wood is a Associate Professor of Economics. He is a microeconomist and specializes in agent-based modeling. Dr. Wood’s talk focusedContinue reading “Public Policy and Covid-19 Symposium”

Thinking in Place Symposium

On September 20, 2021, Dr. Stephanie Tripp gave her symposium, “Thinking in Place: Writing the Immersive Essay.” Dr. Tripp is an Associate Professor of Communication and program director for the MA in Social and Emerging Media. She specializes in the theories and practices of digital media, especially as they pertain to notions of place andContinue reading “Thinking in Place Symposium”

Honors Thesis – Beck Lazansky, Thomas Krumpter, Noah McNair, Flavia Mandatori

Four graduating Honors students recently presented their Honors Theses as an Honors symposium. Beck Lazansky talked about her memoir project. Thomas Krumpter used his Honors thesis to analyze job postings for Systems Analysts and contrasted the stated requirements with the current curricular expectations of training programs. Noah McNair was involved in a Behind The ScenesContinue reading “Honors Thesis – Beck Lazansky, Thomas Krumpter, Noah McNair, Flavia Mandatori”