Honors Symposium – Jonathan Lewallen

Political Science Professor Jonathan Lewallen recently gave a symposium titled “Governing the Coasts” to UT’s Honors students. Professor Lewallen detailed how the various agencies and organizations responsibility for policies governing coastlines are locked in a complicated web of competing authority and challenges. Some agencies govern certain activities or areas while others have responsibility over differentContinue reading “Honors Symposium – Jonathan Lewallen”

Honors Activities – Judgement at Nuremberg

Students in Denis Rey’s Honors Introduction to Government and World Affairs class visited Stageworks Theatre several weekends ago to attend a matinée performance of Judgement at Nuremberg. The students, pictured on the set after the performance, were impressed with the dramatic portrayal of the events that transpired during the attempt to hold perpetrators accountable forContinue reading “Honors Activities – Judgement at Nuremberg”

Coffee Conversation – David Stern

On October 16th, UT’s Provost, Dr. David Stern, led a Coffee Conversation with Honors Program students in the Honors dorm. The conversation was focused around the following question, “What do nationalism, populism, authoritarianism, sovereignty, and even illiberal democracy mean and why are they so important in understanding our contemporary world?” The conversation was wide-ranging, coveringContinue reading “Coffee Conversation – David Stern”