Coffee Conversation – Katie Watson’s Scarlet A

Roughly 15 Honors students joined the Honors Program Co-Directors, Dr. Tillman and Dr. Cragun, to discuss Katie Watson’s book, Scarlet A, on September 21st. The book discusses the ethics, law, and politics of abortion. The students discussed a variety of issues for the first 30 minutes and then were joined by the author for anContinue reading “Coffee Conversation – Katie Watson’s Scarlet A”

Honors Symposium – Dr. Edward Pompeian – Why History?

In the first Honors Symposium of the 2020-2021 academic year, Dr. Edward Pompeian led a discussion on the importance of studying history, particularly as relates to present issues of immigration, politics, and rights. Given the pandemic, the symposium was held on Zoom and close to 200 Honor students attended.

Coffee Conversation – Tasha Belfiore

Dr. Tasha Belfiore, Assistant Professor of Biology at UT, led a Coffee Conversation on the question, “What should be done about climate change in the US and who should do it?” The conversation led students to think about the roles of consumers, corporations, and government in addressing climate change. Students raised a number of issuesContinue reading “Coffee Conversation – Tasha Belfiore”