Guidance: Proposing a Symposium

Have you ever thought to yourself: I wish we had more symposia about [fill in the blank]. Well, why don’t you consider proposing a speaker, yourself?

If you have a speaker you’d like to present for a symposium, these are the steps:

  1. Determine if they have credentials. Are they well-published in their field? Are they excellent scholars/writers/scientists/etc.?
  2. Gather information about the potential speaker, including
  • Speaker’s name:
  • Speaker’s job title:
  • Speaker’s proposed topic:
  • Speaker’s website / link to vita (or attach as .pdf):
  • Speaker’s honorarium/speaking fee:
  • Speaker’s flight cost (estimated):

Then, send this information to Dr. Kacy Tillman, It’s that easy!

Proposals for

Fall proposals must be made by April 1 of the semester prior to the event.
Spring proposals must be made by November 1 of the semester prior to the event.

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