TRAVEL: Caitlyn Walley

Bula from Fiji! This is a word that we got very familiar with during our time in Fiji. It means hello and is said to EVERYONE. During the trip, people would roll down their windows just to say Bula while passing by. It was so different from here where your passing smile will be turned down by looking away. In Fiji, everyone was a friend. While in Fiji, we traveled to a few Islands including Beqa (Ben-gha) island where they do firewalking! We learned a lot about their culture and even got to go on a village visit where the children sang to us. We were there studying sustainability and were able to stay at a beach house that was almost entirely solar powered, which was one of my favorite places. The snorkeling in their marine protected area with a specialist was also a big highlight. This trip was incredible, and I will never forget the people I got to meet and the meaningful interactions I had while I was there. The kindness that they show there is something we should all aspire for our lives. I can’t wait to use the knowledge of island sustainability in my future career in Environmental Science. Vinaka (Thank you) UT Honors Program!!

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