Oxford Semester Abroad – Hannah Lammon

We are now half way into the term here at Oxford and it has been the quickest four weeks of my life. Since we only have two tutorials a week, the only academic work we have due is two essays. Because of this, my time here has given me time to pick up hobbies that I have wanted to commit time to for the last year such as photography, learning Japanese Kanji, and working on my Honors Thesis. The biggest lesson that I have learned from the students at Oxford is that being over-committed is a sign of weakness as it does not allow one to devote themselves fully to organizations or sports that make them happy. Every student here enjoys plenty of free time to enjoy their hobbies and allow themselves time to think through their research topics every week. Attending the University of Oxford has been a truly enlightening experience thus far and I am excited to see where the rest of the term takes me!

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