NCHC in New Orleans

  • Brianna Kelly and Abigail Nelson on Canal Street in New Orleans during NCHC.
  • Abigail Nelson (far right) presenting her research on Charlotte Temple at NCHC
  • Brianna Kelly and Abigail Nelson with members of a second line parade at NCHC
  • Abigail Nelson and Brianna Kelly at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans during NCHC 2019.
  • Brianna Kelly (left) and Abigail Nelson (right) at NCHC 2019 in New Orleans
  • Brianna Kelly trying alligator

Dr. Ryan Cragun, Co-Director of the Honors Program, accompanied two Honors students, Brianna Kelly and Abigail Nelson, to the National Collegiate Honors Council conference in New Orleans. Abigail presented a paper from work she has done as part of the Honors Program at the conference, analyzing Charlotte Temple with an eye toward psychological and psychiatric disorders and their relation to gender inequality at the time. Additionally, the students and Dr. Cragun attended a number of sessions that will no doubt prove beneficial for UT’s Honors Program.

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