Honors Courses – Speech for Business

Students in Dr. Chris Gurrie’s Honors Speech for Business and the Professions class recently participated in the Leadership Challenge Ropes Course.  Students worked together in groups, focusing on challenges that would enhance their communication competency. Charles Yezak and his student leader, Faith, led the students through obstacles and then discussed the purpose of each obstacleContinue reading “Honors Courses – Speech for Business”

Honors Courses – General Biology – Honors

Honors courses at The University of Tampa are designed to enhance the educational experience of Honors Program students.  Kimberly Dobrinski, Assistant Professor of Biology, developed several experiments for the students in her General Biology (BIO 198) Honors course that students in regular sections of General Biology do not get to do.  In this post sheContinue reading “Honors Courses – General Biology – Honors”