Coffee Conversation – Sucheta Kanjilal & Robert Gonzalez – the Mahabharata

Drs. Kanjilal and Gonzalez treated a group of Honors students to a dramatic reading of a section of the Mahabharata – the longest epic ever written. During the reading, Dr Kanjilal also provided a feminist interpretation of the events surrounding the marriage and then selling of Draupadi and fielded questions from the students.

Coffee Conversation – Dr. Erin Koterba – Why is keeping our distance so hard?

On October 20th, Dr. Erin Koterba led a Coffee Conversation exploring how challenging it is to physically distant during a pandemic. She noted that most people in the US expect to have conversations at about a 4 foot distance. The new guidelines to be physically distant at 6 feet or to generally avoid social contactContinue reading “Coffee Conversation – Dr. Erin Koterba – Why is keeping our distance so hard?”


Dr. Kristian Taylor, a Professor of Instruction in Biology at UT whose research focuses on marine invertebrates, led the latest coffee conversation on the pros and cons of ecotourism. Students discussed the efficacy of environmental activism, whether it’s conducted through ecotourism, raising awareness on social media, or via monetary donations. Coffee conversations are relaxed, inclusiveContinue reading “COFFEE CONVERSATION: PROS & CONS OF ECOTOURISM”