Coffee Conversation – Do Black Lives Matter on Madison Avenue?

Dr. Chris Boulton, UT Professor of Communication, guided a discussion today about race and racial inequality in major advertising campaigns with a small group of Honors students (~20). Dr. Boulton introduced the topic by noting that three of the most popular SuperBowl ads in 2021 featured almost entirely Black cast members but were produced byContinue reading “Coffee Conversation – Do Black Lives Matter on Madison Avenue?”

Coffee Conversation – How safe is our drinking water?

Dr. Kimberly Dobrinski led a Coffee Conversation discussing the safety of drinking water throughout the US. The students discussed a variety of topics, ranging from inequality in access to water to specific instances of water pollution concerns like those in Flint Michigan.

Coffee Conversation – Sucheta Kanjilal & Robert Gonzalez – the Mahabharata

Drs. Kanjilal and Gonzalez treated a group of Honors students to a dramatic reading of a section of the Mahabharata – the longest epic ever written. During the reading, Dr Kanjilal also provided a feminist interpretation of the events surrounding the marriage and then selling of Draupadi and fielded questions from the students.