American Sociological Association Conference – Nicole Lampe

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My participation at the ASA meeting was the best experience that I have had in my academic career and personal life so far.  There were numerous opportunities for professional networking.  While I was there I connected with graduate students and faculty in graduate programs.  I met with colleagues who expressed a strong interest in working with me in my academic career.  We received instruction on how to apply for graduate school.  I got to meet Dr. Earl Babbie, the author of one of my textbooks, and Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now.

I also learned that sociologists fight for social justice, and it was made clear in those presentations that self-care is extremely important for activists.  I was able to join the Sociologists’ LGBTQ Caucus, the ASA Section on Sociology of Law, and Sociologists for Trans Justice Now.  We explored historical sights in Seattle and went on a harbor cruise with the ASA Honors Program.

I got to do all of this while making life-long friends across the country.  I’m pretty sure I have found my life purpose and that being a sociologist will make me truly happy. This would not have been possible without the faculty at The University of Tampa and my participation in UT’s Honors Program.

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