Picnic Pursuit

Honors students by the statues of famous women along the Riverwalk.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to get creative with the activities we organize for Honors students. On March 5th, the Honors Executive Council set up a scavenger hunt that took students from UT, across the Hillsborough River, up the Riverwalk, and back across the Hillsborough River to Julian B. Lane Park where they were rewarded with Rice Krispies Treats and CapriSuns (and some prizes for the first teams to complete the scavenger hunt). In the park, the students could have a little picnic, relax, and chat for a bit.

To make sure the students completed the entire scavenger hunt, they had to take photos of themselves in various places and upload them to a Google form. Here are some of the more entertaining photos:

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