Oxford Semester Abroad – Maya Patel

The University of Oxford is truly a magical and harmonious place. Centuries of history precede you as you walk on cobblestone by the ornate libraries, yet there are modern cafes and shops all around you. All of the University customs are steeped in tradition, including formal hall, which has been a surreal dining experience. Everyone here is academically talented in multiple ways, but the students certainly know how to have a good time as well (including hosting extravagant balls and afternoon tea social hour). The pace of learning has been fast and certainly keeps me on my toes, but it’s definitely strengthened my oral and written communication skills. My tutors are absolutely wonderful and push me to open my eyes and think critically about the world, a skill that any honors student should work to polish. I am so glad that I applied for the Oxford program and couldn’t imagine my undergraduate experience without it. Thank you UT Honors!

  • This is the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, where my tutorials are held. It was formerly a hospital complex but now holds a multitude of Oxford departments.
  • This the castle mound at Oxford Castle, facing a large college church spire. On the days when it isn’t raining, you can see hundreds of locals walking through the streets and soaking up sun and the crisp air.
  • Gazing down the imposing, but equally inspiring, corridors at Magdalen College on the night of the Oxford Union Ball is a feeling I’ll never forget.
  • Christine (on left) and Katie (on right) are two of my new close friends who are also from the US. Here we are exploring Pembroke College.
  • Induction day at New college felt like I was going through orientation all over again! The buzz and welcoming atmosphere was absolutely amazing.

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