Oxford Semester Abroad – Danielle Gresia

Being at Oxford so far has been nothing short of incredible! Just walking around the town you really get a sense of how much history is here and why Oxford is known around the world. While the architecture amazes me time and time again, it’s really the nature all around that takes my breath away. Having not experienced a true fall season with all the changing of the leaves and the distinct crispness of the air in over 3 years, I had almost forgotten that this is my favorite season. The libraries here are extensive and beautiful, especially the Radcliffe Camera, which is my ultimate study destination (unless it closes, in which case I head over to my college library at Trinity College because it is one of the only libraries that is open 24/7). Despite the colder-than-Tampa temperatures and the lack of palm trees, I really like Oxford and all of the people I’ve met so far. OSAP has a lot of scheduled tours and events, and so far I’ve been to London and Bath with some of my new friends in the program. There is also food from every culture imaginable, including Nando’s, which has become a personal favorite of mine! Oxford really has it all and I’m extremely grateful I have this opportunity to experience it firsthand.

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