Honors Symposium – Honors Research Fellows – Gaston Merideth, Adeline Davis, Tanner Scott, and Victoria Sunseri

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On Monday, April 23rd, four Honors students presented the results of their Honors Research Fellowships. Gaston Merideth discussed his research on mass spectrometry under the guidance of Dr. Kenyon Evans-Nguyen from UT’s Department of Chemistry. Adeline Davis discussed her research into gender, make-up, and literature under the guidance of Dr. Kathleen Ochshorn from UT’s Department of English and Writing. Tanner Scott presented his research on race, health, and body image mentored by Dr. Brittany Harder of UT’s Sociology Department. And Victoria Sunseri discussed her project on improving UT’s students’ mental health under the guidance of Dr. Mary Martinasek from UT’s Department of Health and Human Performance.

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