Honors Symposium – Bridgette Froeschke – MRSA and staphylococcus in Tampa Bay

UT Biology professor, Bridgette Froeschke, aided by some of the students in her lab, presented on her ongoing work examining the pervasiveness of staphylococcus and MRSA in the Tampa Bay area (not just the bay but also in the Hillsborough River). She found that it MRSA – the antibiotic resistant strain of staphylococcus – isContinue reading “Honors Symposium – Bridgette Froeschke – MRSA and staphylococcus in Tampa Bay”

Excursion – Trawling in BIOS II

Dr. Kevin Beach from UT’s department of Biology recently took a group of Honors students trawling on the Biology Department’s BIOS II boat. The students spent several hours towing nets in Tampa Bay to learn more about both the process of marine science research and then learning about the different organisms they caught.

Study Abroad – Borneo – Katie Serba

Honors student Katie Serba was able to participate in a travel study course through UT’s Biology department to Borneo during the summer of 2019. Here’s a description of the experience: “In Borneo, we learned about different conservation efforts (replanting trees, creating ropes for orangutans to use to cross rivers, nest boxes for birds, reducing palmContinue reading “Study Abroad – Borneo – Katie Serba”