Slip Into Summer Social

Each year, Honors holds an end-of-semester celebration to recognize everyone’s hard work. This semester, the Honors Executive Council — particularly, the on-campus activity committee — put together Slip Into Summer. It featured free food from Taco Dirty, water balloon fights, and a giant slip-and-slide. Special appreciation goes out to Dr. Menzies; Carla Sykes; Caitlyn WalleyContinue reading “Slip Into Summer Social”

First UT Honors Social Fall 2021

The Friday before classes began, Tampa honors students kicked off the fall semester with their first social. Students spent the evening outside meeting, mingling, enjoying a live DJ, and eating food catered by Fresh Kitchen. As the night progressed, students participated in lively games of Jenga, cornhole, and sand volleyball. The first years left theContinue reading “First UT Honors Social Fall 2021”


Pre-covid First-Year Socials Honors orientation is virtual tonight, 8/27/21, from 6pm-7pm on Zoom. A link was sent to your email address multiple times over the last two weeks. If you’re still missing the link after searching spam/your inbox, please write to ask for the link to the event. The UT Honors social isContinue reading “HONORS ORIENTATION”