Coffee Conversation: Why Learn to Write Well When an AI Can Do it for You

On February 15, Dr. Dan Dooghan Associate Professor of English and Writing facilitated the coffee conversation, “why learn to write well when AI can do it for you.” Dr. Dooghan led the Honors students in a conversation considering the complex process of finding our voices to communicate our intervention of change in the world. StudentsContinue reading “Coffee Conversation: Why Learn to Write Well When an AI Can Do it for You”

This Week in Honors 11/4/2021 Email

Hello Everyone, Please read below to learn about upcoming Honors events. Upcoming Honors Symposium: The Last Honors Symposium of the Semester is next Friday, November 12, from 6-7PM in the Vaughn Center Crescent Club. Dr. Eduardo De Souza, will discuss, “Body Recomposition – Can trained individuals lose fat and build muscle at the same time?”A (free) Eventbrite ticket is required forContinue reading “This Week in Honors 11/4/2021 Email”

Public Policy and Covid-19 Symposium

On November 4, 2021, Dr. Aaron D. Wood gave his symposium, “COVID-19 and Agent-Based Modeling: Using Computational Simulation to Examine the Impact of Public Policy and Viral Evolution on Transmission Outcomes in Heterogeneous Populations.” Dr. Wood is a Associate Professor of Economics. He is a microeconomist and specializes in agent-based modeling. Dr. Wood’s talk focusedContinue reading “Public Policy and Covid-19 Symposium”