This Week in Honors 11/4/2021 Email

Hello Everyone,

Please read below to learn about upcoming Honors events.

Upcoming Honors Symposium:

The Last Honors Symposium of the Semester is next Friday, November 12, from 6-7PM in the Vaughn Center Crescent Club. Dr. Eduardo De Souza, will discuss, “Body Recomposition – Can trained individuals lose fat and build muscle at the same time?”
A (free) Eventbrite ticket is required for entry, you can register for a ticket here:

Honors Program Spring 2022 Course Offerings:

Honors is offering 2 HON courses this spring:

#1: HON 255 Discovering the Leader Within (Humanities + Honors credit).

#2: HON 240: Florida’s Future: Addressing Climate Change at Home (Natural Science, Social Science, OR Humanities credit, you pick, + Honors credit). R.

Weekly Emails on UT Honors Blog:

If you’d like to find announcements from the weekly email digests or have a friend who has trouble receiving Honors emails, they’re now posted on the UT Honors blog here:

Symposia Recordings:

Having trouble getting to symposia? You can watch them here:

Complete the quiz embedded in the video and receive a score of 80% or higher.

UT Honors Off-Campus Excursion:

Until December 1st, the Honors Program will be offering an off-campus excursion that you can do with fellow Honors Program students at the Tampa Museum of Art. With your group, head to the museum across the river from campus located at 120 W. Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, FL 33602. Entry is free to all UT students if you bring your student ID. Once you arrive, take a group picture outside of the museum. Then, head inside and take a selfie in front of two different pieces of art. Then, individually fill out the Google Form below with the images along with the title and artist of the work and a two to three-sentence reflection about the artist, how you think the piece fits into the time period, or your thoughts on the artwork.
Click this link and fill out the form to receive ACE Points:

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